Recipes from Stefan Lenz

Duck / Vinegar / Smoked Celery

Vinegar plums:

20 pieces of plums

100ml red wine vinegar

80g Muscavado sugar

40ml plum juice

Pimento; Assam long pepper, bay leaves, ginger

Blanch the plums and remove the skin, bring the remaining ingredients to a boil. Pour the boiling liquid over the peeled and halved plums and let it steep.


Smoked celery:

400g celery

50g nut butter

100ml chicken stock

100ml cream


Peel and dice the celeriac, sauté in the nut butter and deglaze with chicken stock and cream. Boil the celery, let the liquid almost evaporate at the end of the cooking time. Process in the Thermomixer to a fine puree, smoked with the Smoking Gun.


Celery cubes

Cook the celery cubes with smoked butter in the Sous Vide cymbal at 86 degrees for 20 minutes. Shake in iced water and sauté briefly before serving.

Duck bags

2 pieces of duck legs

50g root vegetables

50ml red wine

50ml red port wine

Laurel, juniper, allspice, pepper

Braise the duck legs classically, remove from the bone and finely dice. Pass the duck stock through a microsieve and cook to a syrup-like consistency. Mix the syrup with the meat and process to a homogeneous mass. Season well with salt and pepper and use the potato dough to make bags.


Potato Batter:

250g potato floury cooked, pressed

50g double handle flour

50g Maizena

20g nut butter

Salt, pepper, nutmeg

Process everything to a smooth dough.

Stefan Lenz