Recipes from Johannes Denk

Pickled char with marinated pumpkin and cream cheese

Pickled char with marinated pumpkin and cream cheese
Recipe from the chef: Johannes Denk

Stained fish
1kg of fish
60g salt
60g sugar
Herbs: dill, parsley stalks
Spices: fennel seeds, coriander seeds, peppercorns, lemon zest
Mix herbs, spices, salt and sugar together and knead well so that the herbs leave water. Massage the fish with the stain and stain, depending on the thickness of 10 to 18 hours.
Halfway through the time, the fish is turned over to allow uniform pickling.
When the fish has reached the desired consistency, it is washed off over cold water and cooled until use.

Cream cheese:
200g granular cream cheese
1.6g of xanthan gum
70ml of tomato essence
100ml of grape seed oil
The cream cheese cream is made like a mayonnaise, cream cheese mixed with tomato essence and xanthan gum, then pulled up with the grape seed oil like a mayonnaise.

Pickled Pumpkin:
Slice the pumpkin 1-2mm with the slicer or slicer, then place in a spice vinegar deposit for several days.
Insert Fund:
100ml of water
40ml champagne vinegar
25g sugar
pinch of salt
Spices: bay leaf, coriander, fennel seeds, peppercorns, allspice

Pumpkin chutney:
100g Hokkoido pumpkin finely diced
15 g of ginger
15 g shallots finely diced
15ml rice vinegar or apricot vinegar
10g brown sugar
Salt, chili
Sweat the shallots and ginger in grapeseed oil slowly, add the pumpkin and briefly stir. Add the brown sugar and deglaze with rice vinegar. Continue to cook the chutney, but the pumpkin should remain firm. Finally, season with salt and chilli. Season the chutney.

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