January - Hahnenkamm-Race

The Hahnenkamm will be the talk of the skiing world from 21 to 23 January 2022. The world’s best skiers will be coming to Kitzbühel to celebrate this highlight of the World Cup calendar for the 82nd time.

The Hahnenkamm race is the most spectacular ski race in the world. The route the race course takes is called the Streif. It demands everything from the racers who dare to take it on, which is why only the best of the best take the gold on the Streif. Millions of viewers all over the world tune in to watch legends being born. Winning on the Streif is like winning an olympic gold medal, it is the most prestigious win there is in ski racing.

Jumps of up to 80 metres, steep slopes with gradients of up to 85% and speeds of up to 140 km/h all make the Streif unique on the World Cup circuit. From the start hut (at 1,665m), the downhill run has a route length of 3,312 metres with an elevation difference of 860 metres, to the finish (at 805m). The skiers achieve average speeds of more than 103 km/h. The course record is 01:51.58 minutes, set by Austrian skier Fritz Strobl in 1997. These are just some of the facts and figures that make the Streif the most challenging downhill ski race in the world. ‘My congratulations to all those who have skied it. I think we must be crazy!’ said 5-time winner Didier Cuche (SUI), summing up his feelings towards the Streif.

For the viewers, it pays to be in the finish area in plenty of time before the race begins. The entertainment programme gets everyone warmed up and in the mood for the races. Stalls also cater for visitors’ creature comforts.

The prize giving and fireworks on Saturday are one of the highlights of the programme. It is the culmination of an eventful day, at the end of which the best athletes will be awarded the gold, silver and bronze ‘Gams’ (chamois) trophies at the presentation ceremony. This ceremony gives fans the chance to see the stars without their helmets and racing gear for once, and to celebrate their stunning achievements together.

Here you will find some more informations about the Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel.