Golf Clubs in Kitzbühel

With 4 golf courses in town and a further 30 within 100 km, you’re only ever a tee shot away from your next round.

During mild seasons, even when the countryside is in full bloom, white balls can be seen falling from the sky in Kitzbühel. Wide tee shots flying past massive rocks, approach shots spinning over deep ravines and putts rolling over perfect greens – welcome to a round of golf in Kitzbühel! When you’re visiting the most legendary sports town in the Alps, variety is a must. With four golf courses in the town alone and a further 30 in the surrounding area, Kitzbühel is a true golfer’s paradise. The most legendary sports town in the Alps is home to four idyllic top-quality golf courses.

18-Hole Schwarzsee Championship Course
A PGA venue suitable for all golfers, the course features a diverse range of fairways, challenging water hazards and stunning panoramic views.

18-Hole Eichenheim Championship Course
An exclusive atmosphere and an excellent venue for high-level players, this extensive championship course has also played host to the PGA.

9-Hole Kitzbühel Golf Course
Anyone looking to truly put their skills to the test can compete on this beautiful course against top players belonging to the Kitzbühel Golf Club.

9-Hole Rasmushof Golf Course
Perfect for beginners, this course also presents a challenge to more advanced players and seasoned professionals.

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